Why are reviews important?

You may take your reviews for granted, but they are critical and can work as word of mouth. Around 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends. You need to look at reviews as a rating for your customer service. Reviews will help you understand and better serve your customers.

Reviews increase traffic on your site.

Reviews can help bring customers to your site. Customer considering your companies services or products may look at your reviews to evaluate the quality, value, and reliability of your offers. When a prospect is searching for a product or service and sees your business has a good number of highly rated reviews, they are more likely to select your company.

Reviews improve SEO

Good reviews help your business rank in organic search results. They are especially important in local and mobile searches where reviews are shown and are a vital part of the ranking. Your brand may also be mentioned a lot in your reviews and will become more relevant in search engine results.

Reviews build your credibility

The credibility of your business is critical to the success of your business. Online positive reviews help build your credibility and make customers more likely to place an order or buy your service. You need to strive to get as many useful and positive reviews as possible, and this needs to be a critical factor in your customer service. Both good and bad reviews need to be answered right away to show the public your company has excellent customer service. Wear your reviews like a badge of honor.

Reviews can increase sales

When searching for a product or service, people will first go to sites that have positive reviews and feedback from customers. Having a positive review of your product, service, or business will boost your conversion rates and translate into more sales. Good feedback can result in a credibility boost helping the customer decide to do business with you.

Reviews help spread and build your brand

When a lot of people write positive reviews about your business, then your brand will eventually spread. It will also build loyalty and increase your credibility. Be proactive in monitoring the sentiments about your brand on social media is just as important.

How to generate online reviews

All reviews are not created equal;

  • 3rd party reviews have more credibility as the company can’t manipulate them
  • Google reviews and Facebook recommendations are especially important
  • You need to solicit reviews, ask your customers to tell you how you did or give you a review soon after service delivered
  • Make it easy for the customer to provide you with a review
  • Reply to every request or opinion
  • Monitor the web to see what others are saying about you

Johann Scheving
Johann Scheving
Johann Scheving is highly motivated and experienced Digital Marketer with extensive Executive and Consulting experience in both Marketing and General Management.