Animal Care – Veterinary Marketing

  1. Reduce no-shows with Appointment Reminders
    1. improve office efficiency, reminders via SMS take less time, are automated & reliable, yet personal.
  2. Increase revenue with Check-up Reminders
    1. send scheduled SMS for vaccination reminders, annual check-ups etc.
    2. send health care notes, emergency notices
  3. Increase revenue with product and service coupons
    1. offer coupons for flea, tick, heartworm medication or other products
    2. offer coupons for office visits, check up during slow periods
  4. Loyalty Program, check in for discounts after number of visits
    1. qr codes for new clients % off 1st office visit, 1st check-up
  5. Slocal searcheset up user friendly mobile website, make sure customer stays with you and doesn’t go to the competition.
  6. Local SEO (search engine optimization), improve local listings and your results in mobile searches.

These are just some of the Veterinary Practice marketing ideas. Contact us today for free consultation.