Mobile Marketing for events

With so many people carrying their mobile phones with them 24-hours a day – text message marketing is a hugely effective way to promote nightclubs, lounges, bars, restaurants and any other kind of social events, with offers and promotions. Because every message sent is read by the recipient – it’s a great way to get your message across!

  • Send Invites to Mobile Phones – Collect numbers either by incoming texts from printed materials or at your venue, and then send out direct marketing campaigns to your clients’ mobile phones at anytime.
  • Special Drinks Offers – Send free and discounted drink offers at any time, directly to your customers to encourage regular spending and create loyalty.
  • Discounted Cover charges – Everyone wants to feel special. Offer discounts to your clients and make their decision to come to your event or place easier.
  • VIP – Save time on VIP phone calls – now these can be automated by text message.
  • Queue Jumping – Text queue jumper tickets directly to mobile phones. Recipients show their phone with the text message showing on the screen to the doorman, and get in.

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