SMS Marketing Solutions

Mobile Coupons

When you design a coupon, you can choose between using a template which we’ve generated for your convenience, an image of your own, or a simple SMS containing only text. With our template feature, we have a stockpile of images to use to help identify your product and add decor.

Premium Mobile Website

Kiosk Builder

Loyalty Kiosks are a great way to engage customers. Clients can use them to opt-in to a sms list and start receiving offers and updates or “punch” their virtual loyalty card and earn points with every purchase towards a prize.  With the explosion in popularity of iPad and Kindle type devices your customers will require little, if any, instruction on use.

Landing Pages

Effortlessly design professional web pages adapted to the mobile phone! Use our builder to upload your logo, graphics, videos and more. Then simply add text, links and our ad build will format the layout for you.

Loyalty Program

Create virtual punch cards with The Loyalty Program! Loyalty cards have always been a very popular customer rewards tool. The one downfall is that they are constantly being misplaced or lost. With our Loyalty tool all you need is a mobile phone number and you can have your card punched at the time of purchase. It is important for business owners to implement programs that not only continue to drive customers in but also make them feel appreciated, especially in tough economic times.

Appointment Software

Social Plug-ins

You can send offers, messages, sales alerts directly to your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter!Spread the word  and increase offer participation among your fans and followers. By adding our opt-in API to your Facebook page you will increase your loyalty opt-in list.

Post to your Facebook wall

When sending out a message, coupon offer, or mobile webpage, you have the convenience of putting it immediately on your Facebook wall! Once you connect your Lime account with Facebook, you’re able to integrate your SMS campaigns with this effective social media tool everyone uses to advocate their favorite places, products, and things with ‘likes’!

Post to Twitter

Spread the word! Tweet your offers and text messages for your followers to retweet. This feature works exactly like the Facebook feature. Simply connect your Lime Advertiser account to your Twitter by logging in to your account and when you send out a message or coupon offer, check ‘Post to Twitter’, it’s easy!

Text To Screen

Our Text To Screen Feature enables a live audience to text a keyword followed by a personal message to a designated short code, this will then be posted on a screen/projection device where the live audience can view this message.

Our Text to Screen Feature can be used at pretty much any establishment. Clubs, Bars, Sporting Events, Concerts, Churches, Charity Events, Conventions, Seminars, University’s, Parties (Weddings), Etc. The Audience can Text-To-Screen entertaining comments, important news, song request, shout-outs, feedback, questions, special wishes, etc. While the establishment can Text-To-Screen promotions, specials, announcement, raffles, assignments, etc.

QR Codes

Create QR codes in a flash using our QR Code generator. Enter your information and the wizard will create a unique QR code that can be printed, emailed or downloaded for future use.

Just the Beginning…

QR codes are promising and creative. The many uses for them are still being discovered! It’s time to leap into the future with this new and exciting approach! Interact and engage your consumers with QR!

Auto Responders

Build a scheduled release of materials to customers in your opt-in list. Auto-responders add in the possibility of producing timed campaigns that routinely galvanize customers with evenly spaced increments of offers and text updates.

Create a Special “Drip” for Customers

From the day that the user opts in, their autoresponse messages will come in the same lengths of time that any other user who has opted in. This creates an organized flow or “drip” of information. The drip could be an exercise program, daily tips or advice, anything you want!

Text to Win

This weapon in your marketing arsenal gives you the agency  to create sweepstakes for your Opt-in and Lead generation lists. Assign a contest to a complete list, or limit entrants by offering it only to participants that text within a specific time-frame.

Property Listing

Helping real estate agencies generate leads has never been easier. Real estate has always been a very competitive market, but since the housing crash several years ago along with increased restrictions by banks on mortgage approvals, agents need every tool available to them to increase their pool of buyers.

Vehicle Listing

The vehicle listing tool can be used by auto, boat and motorcycle dealerships to increase the amount of leads captured both on the sales lot and through print advertising.

Send a Message

SMS Polls

Run a mobile poll for live events and other business needs . Get fast, hands-on feedback from your customer base. Consult your bread and butter on decisions which can affect your business!Polls are easy to create and consumers enjoy participating. Use a poll to help your business.

Lead Generator – Opt-in

Employ the Lead Generator for one-time requests for information. Hook the user to express their interest in something like buying a car, buying a house, or subscribing to your services. Opt-in lists, alternatively, are a way to market to existing customers over time, and to build an ample and loyal consumer base.


Ask questions to be answered by users on your opt-in list. Questions engage the user and allow them to give you a tally of people attending an event, a quick opinion on something, etc.

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