Keywords Research – Before or After You Create Your Website?

Keywords research is critical preparation before you start to work on your website. The content, design, site structure, images and calls to action all start with the keyword research.

  1. You learn what your prospects/customers are looking for.
  2. You get a better overview of your online and even local competition. What is the competition level in your field of business?
  3. You find out how your prospective clients are searching, and their priorities.
  4. It helps you structure the theme of your site. What is your overall focus of the site?
  5. Use your keyword research to structure your site navigation.
  6. Base your content on the results of the research.
  7. Optimize every page for 1 or 2 key words/phrases.
  8. Every page should have a call to action that is relevant to the visitors’ intent. For instance if the keyword is “color TV” what is the call to action in the landing page? Finding different models, sizes of color TVs, reviews, or specific models. Your conversion to leads, calls, walkins will be higher the better you can relate to visitors intent with the search and give them exactly what they are looking for.

The keyword research is the foundation to your site concept, it’s theme, content, structure and conversion paths.  This is your first priority on the way of creating a website.

Tools for your keyword research SerpStat or Keyword Planner

Johann Scheving
Johann Scheving
Johann Scheving is highly motivated and experienced Digital Marketer with extensive Executive and Consulting experience in both Marketing and General Management.