Free Analysis

goal-drivenAll following analysis are performed by a Digital Marketing Specialist, analyzing your current situation and looking for actionable improvements. Only one FREE analysis is available for each company.

Website Analysis:

  • A website review measures how well your website performs. It’s an evaluation of gaps in your digital marketing efforts. It’s a holistic view of your digital marketing

Competitor Analysis:

  • Comparing your site with your competitors to find out why it may not be ranking so well
  • Understanding the overall position at a glance, especially when immediate answers are required

SEO Analysis:

  • Check your website’s SEO problems for free

Local Search Analysis:

  • Analyze your local search performance and any local SEO problems and opportunities

PPC Analysis:

  • Benchmark your current performance and see where you need to improve. PPC review requires access to your Google Adwords account.

Social Media Analysis:

  • Analyze your profiles – and your competitors